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Your business is the manifestation of your tireless work and sacrifice. We respect your years of dedication, and we know that you expect nothing short of those same principles and focus from your insurance professionals.

Liberty Insurance evaluates our clients’ unique risks by listening to your concerns and asking the questions that help us determine your specific exposures. This allows us to develop an in-depth coverage analysis, designed specifically for you. And we do it all with the personal attention you deserve.

We have the expertise and markets to service a broad range of industries, including Contractors, Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distributing, Habitational/Real Estate, Office/Services, Automotive Garage/Dealers, Mercantile, and Churches.

Contractors: To properly insure your operation, adequate coverage for your property, autos, equipment, and materials is just the beginning. Our focus is to explore your liability risks based on evaluating the type of work you perform and how you go about conducting that work. We can also advise you on how your policy would respond to contractual agreements you enter into. In addition, you can trust us to be vigilant in providing a high level of service in getting your Certificates of Insurance out quickly and your bonds issued in a timely manner. We serve the following construction areas, among others:
General Contractors * Home Builders * Carpenters * Concrete * Drywall * Electrical * Plumbing * Asphalt/Paving * Grading/Excavation/Utility * HVAC * Fence Erection * Janitorial * Landscape/Irrigation * Masonry * Painting/Paper Hanging/Plastering * Tile/Stone/Marble

Manufacturing: We begin by assessing your operation: walking through your facility to determine your specific coverage needs. Coverage for your property and product liability exposures are a must, but we typically see other exposures that could determine your business’s ability to continue production and maintain its normal income, ensuring your ability to stay in business after a loss occurs. In addition to properly insuring your business, we can also offer loss control services to help reduce any premise claims that could arise. We serve the following manufacturing areas, among others:
Machine Shops * Metal Goods * Forging * Metal Works * Furniture * Sign * Tool * Plumbing Fixtures * Pipe or Tube * Clothing * Pattern

Wholesalers/Distributor/Warehouse: We focus on the importance of your business’s ability to protect your inventory during all phases of your business cycle: receiving, stocking, and shipping. Due to the fluctuating nature of your business, we will gauge the needed coverages to ensure that regardless of when a loss may occur, your policy will respond properly. We can also handle any logistical and/or trucking coverage needs associated with your operation. We serve the following distribution areas, among others:
Building Materials * Automobile Tools & Servicing Equipment * Audio-Visual Equipment and Supplies * Clothing * Computer Equipment * Commercial Machines & Equipment * Electrical Parts & Communication Equipment * Fabric * Furniture * Grocery or Food * Office Machines/Supplies * Janitorial Supplies * Plumbing Supplies * Refrigeration Supplies

Habitational/Real Estate: We insure a great deal of rental property for our clients, and we understand that habitational insurance needs vary greatly. Some property owners need full coverage with low deductibles, while others are more risk-oriented. Whether your property is commercial or residential, coastal or inland, we can help you find the best coverage for your investment, properly address your landlord liability exposures, and insure your rental income.

Office/Services: In each industry, there are a host of specific exposures you face that we can help you identify and address. The protection of your business and employees is step one. Step two is the professional aspects of your business—advising, consulting, counseling, designing, treating, etc.—that open up professional liability risks. We will assess these risks and offer products to insure against them. We serve the following office/service areas, among others:
Accountants/CPA * Beauticians/Barbers/Hair Removal * Advertising Agencies * Taxidermy * Chiropractors * Engineers * Medical Specialists * Real Estate Agents * Veterinarians * Travel Agencies * Opticians * Funeral Homes * Mortgage Processing

Automotive Garage/Dealers: Garage operations are truly unique risks with exposures that no other industry has. Given this, the garage insurance programs we offer include coverage for your specific needs, including comprehensive garage liability, dealer and transfer tags, coverage for customer autos in your care, and dealers blanket (inventory) coverage. We serve the following garage/dealer areas, among others:
Auto Body Repair * Auto Service Repair * Franchised & Non-Franchised Auto * Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Dealers * Storage Garages * Service Stations * Dealers of Mobile Homes * Vacation and Camping Trailers

Mercantile: Main Street America, we can address the insurance needs particular to your store, whether you are in the business of selling bridal gowns, groceries, appliances, baked goods, furniture, or electronics. To start, we will evaluate how much coverage you will need to cover losses to your property, including inventory and income protection. Once the basics are in place, we can add the more specific coverages to complete a custom program for you.

Churches: We understand and respect the significance of what your place of worship means to you. As a result, we take extra care to evaluate all your church’s particular insurance needs, including property coverage for pipe organs, stained glass windows, antiques, and other religious artifacts. We also address your unique professional liability exposures such as: ministers/clergy person’s professional liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, and daycare liability.

Please contact us for more information and let us show you what we mean when we say Your Best Insurance Is a Good Agent!®

Liberty Insurance offers the following products:

  • Commercial Property
  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Builders’ Risk
  • Bonds
  • Professional Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  • Business Income
  • Crime
  • Cyber and Privacy Liability
  • Cargo
  • Flood
  • Earthquake


“Liberty Insurance has been the best experience we have ever had with an insurance company. Our agent has been so helpful in explaining all our policies like auto, workers compensation, and general liability to us. Never have to wait long for a call back with answer to questions we might have. They surely make you feel like family!”

Jill A.
Marketplace Construction