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Life and Employee Benefits

Life Insurance: Why is it Necessary?

Life insurance is essential in planning for the loss of a person who shoulders the financial responsibility of a family or a business. Benefits of personal life insurance can be used for family income, debt payoff, final expenses, and estate liquidity. Business life insurance can be used to insure a key employee, fund a buy/sell agreement, assure business continuation, and plan for estate disposition, to name a few uses.

There are many types of life insurance contracts:

  • Term Life: Term life insurance is inexpensive coverage that provides level death benefits for a specified number of years, typically 10-, 20-, and 30-year increments.
  • Whole Life: Whole life insurance offers permanent coverage for life with guaranteed cash values and level premiums.
  • Universal Life: Universal life insurance offers the most flexibility of any life insurance contract. Death benefits and premiums are adjustable to suit your specific needs. There are many options available when choosing this type of policy.

Other Employee Benefits

Long-Term Care Insurance provides coverage for home health care, assisted living facilities, adult daycare, and nursing home care. If you want to maintain your independence and have control of your care, you should consider long-term care insurance.

Disability Insurance can be purchased as an individual or as an employee group benefit. It replaces income due to injury or illness and enables individuals to maintain their standard of living should they be unable to work.

Annuities come in many forms but are primarily used to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis. Basically, you make an investment in the annuity, and then at a future date, you receive an income stream. Annuities can be designed to provide guaranteed income that you can’t outlive. They are offered on an individual basis or can be set up by employers as a benefit to their employees.

All the products discussed have numerous options and benefit designs. They can be tailored to fit your personal or business goals. Please contact us and let us show you what we mean when we say: Your Best Insurance is a Good Agent®.



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