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Why an Independent Agent?

When buying an insurance policy, a crucial question to ask is “From whom am I buying this policy?” The question is more than just academic; it determines the degree to which your agents are selling you the best policy for you or the best policy for them.

Agents who work for large insurance conglomerates are considered captive agents; that is, they are captive to the parent company for which they work. They will sell you the insurance policies that fit their underwriting guidelines, irrespective of what works best for you.

At Liberty Insurance, we are independent agents; that means we work for you, the client. We offer all lines of insurance from multiple carriers, which allows us to custom-tailor a policy that fits your specific needs. If one carrier doesn’t have a certain feature that you require, we can look at other carriers who do.

We believe that insurance should never be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your personal and business insurance needs are constantly evolving as they adapt to lifestyle and market changes; don’t you deserve an independent agent who can help you respond to these changes in the most effective way possible? Call Liberty Insurance today to learn more about how Your Best Insurance is a Good Agent®.