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Cyber Liability

Is Your Business At Risk?

Rapidly changing technology has transformed the business landscape in the last 20 years, and many small businesses have struggled to keep up with new developments. Although technology has given companies unprecedented opportunities to reach their customers in real time, it has also given hackers and cyber-criminals unprecedented opportunities to jeopardize companies’ (and their customers’) digital security.

With ever-increasing sophistication, hackers can use technology to gain access to your private business data and stored customer information. Cyber liability insurance, however, fills in the coverage gaps that traditional policies don’t fully address. While each company offers its own coverage form, the following are what most policies provide:

  • Media, network, and privacy asset protection
  • Identity theft expense
  • Cyber-terrorism
  • Cyber-extortion
  • Privacy and regulatory defense expenses
  • Investigation, monitoring, and crisis management costs

Since technology tends to mutate so quickly, it’s more important than ever to have good coverage that is agile enough to respond to changes in the landscape. Call Liberty Insurance today for more information on keeping your business safe!